Are Probiotic Supplements Really Worth Taking?

Are Probiotic Supplements Really Worth Taking?

Probiotics are a tricky subject nowadays since almost no one knows about them. What probiotics are and how they can help us we are about to discuss in the following lines. Probiotics can bring a lot of benefits for those who chooses them, regardless of their age or their health. It’s up to us how we take them, in what quantities and how often. People believe probiotics should be a part of your life since they can be found in food too. The digestive system can be explained quite simple. We get hungry, and we seek food. When we are eating a meal, we need to chew properly to make the stomach’s work easier. It is recommended to chew our food until it becomes a paste and then swallow it. After the food gets into the stomach, its job it is to take the nutrients from it, to separate what is good and what is bad and also sends the carbs and the sugars into the fat deposits. The gastric acid is being eliminated by the stomach to process food. If you are wondering how it doesn’t digest the stomach and its walls, the answer is that the stomach’s mucosa is regenerating once at 3 or 4 days. This way, the stomach’s walls are protected from any harm. The rest of the food that has to be eliminated goes into the intestines. If we don’t chew our food enough and big chunks of food reach the guts, then there is a possibility that you have gas or cramps. Besides the food and the gastric acid, in our digestive system live millions of bacteria. These are good and bad bacteria as well. Our body needs them both to survive. Now let’s take a closer look at the probiotics and what they are.

The probiotic term explained

Probiotics are the good bacteria inside our guts. We are born with them, and we die with them. They are an essential part of our body that keeps us healthy and doesn’t only helps our digestion. Probiotics and prebiotics and two different things, but they are an excellent mix of our body. Prebiotics is food for the good bacteria aka the probiotics. We need both the bad and the good bacteria from our guts to survive. As stated above, we are born with them; we inherit most of them from our mothers at birth.

It is important for a mother to give birth naturally to a child to preserve the correct number of bacteria given to the child. A c section does not provide the baby any bacteria from the mother and that is why it is not recommended. The child will be born with his probiotics, but with a number that is not enough, says the specialists. That’s where probiotic supplements can intervene in the life of a toddler. An important part that probiotics have is that they strengthen the immune system. The body of a child is vulnerable in the first months of living and will encounter issues if he gets a cold or the flu. A probiotic supplement can only be applied after six months when its body will be able to absorb them. There are milk formulas that contain probiotics. Down, we will explain on in past decades; humans have a weakened immune system, and they get chronic diseases faster.

Why our grandparents had more strains of probiotics

There were many studies that searched the same thing, why people are more affected in our time than they were 50 years ago. A study was made on mice, and it involved five generations of mice. The first generation had all strains of probiotics they needed. While new generation was born, researchers had found that the number of probiotics from their guts had decreased into the new generations. The 4th generation of mice had ⅓ of the strains their grandparents had. Although the scientists have tried to remade the strains of bacteria, they could only restore ⅔ and reached the conclusion that the other part could not be replaced. That is why it’s so important for each to have their dose of probiotics through life, because when they have kids, they will transmit them. Since the DNA of mice and humans are so alike, the same process happened to us in the past decades.

Producing unhealthy foods that contain servants and additives affect our organism in such manner that the organism cannot fight them much longer if the immunity system is weakened. The lack of different strains of probiotics makes the body weaker and weaker. Exactly like AIDS, which breaks the immunity system and you can die from any simple disease or even the flu, the same way the organism is affected if your immunity system doesn’t work as it should.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

Among the many advantages, the most important one is the immunity one. If an organism has the complete strains of good and bad bacteria, he has a divine shield that protects it and fights any virus. A healthy body should be able to defend itself from anything. 80% of our immunity system lays in our guts and maintaining this at the highest level is the best for you.

Probiotics make us happy. The highest amount of serotonin, which is the happiness hormone, is located in our guts, from where is secreted. Being happy is a blessing, because it doesn’t takes money, relationships or friends to accomplish it (although all of these and all other small things contribute to our well-being), but it is only just chemistry. Have you seen those people who always smile no matter what? Their organism is healthy; their digestive system is working as it should, and it will be seen any time on their face. That is why the digestive system is called our second brain because the rest of 10% of the serotonin is secreted in our brain.

They help weight loss process. If until now you have struggled with bad digestion and a few pounds over the limit, then probiotics are the answer you were looking for. Probiotics eliminate constipation and bloating and cleanse the toxins and wastes from our organism. The wastes that the stomach can’t digest reaches the intestines and remain there, reducing gas and making us bloated. Getting rid of bloating can reduce your pants size by 1. That means it looks like you just dropped a few pounds. Also, cleansing the wastes (that can easily reach 1 or 2 pounds in weight) will appear to you that you’ve lost weight. Now, probiotics are not meant for weight loss, they are not introduced into regimes, but you can benefit from them in the way described above.

If you had urinary tract infections, a probiotic supplement, with the right quantity of bacteria can reduce the symptoms and finally, it can cure the infection.

They ensure a correct process of digestion. They are a living environment that is within us and which is indispensable. Up to 70 million Americans suffers from digestive problems and about 230k die every year from one. Many of you might have heard about IBS or related bowel diseases. With the correct amount of probiotics, IBS is no longer an issue.

Eczemas in children and now treated with probiotics, since researchers found there is a connection between our stomach and the annoying spots we can develop on our bodies.

There are a few ways in which these good and bad bacteria can be destroyed, and the main one is by antibiotics. In the lines below, we will see why antibiotics are considered dangerous and why we should avoid them sometimes.

Antibiotics – a must?

People get scared much easier nowadays from colds and seasonal flues or any random kind of pain that they encounter. They scarily run towards the pharmacy with the intention of buying antibiotics, so they can reduce the number of the days they are ill. They don’t know that a virus needs some days to complete all its steps and you cannot forcibly reduce those steps. In some countries, antibiotics are not for sale if your medic hasn’t prescribed them to you. If your medic considers that you need antibiotics for 3, 5 or 7 days, then you should accept his advice, but never buy medicines on your own. Pharmacies want you to buy them because sooner or later, your intestinal microflora will be destroyed and you will be back to make them profit by buying probiotic supplements. Some pharmacists may advise you not to buy them, but you cannot count on that.

The reason why we insist so much on not using antibiotics every time is that they destroy all the infection from your body, of course, but they also kill the good and the bad bacteria that lies into our intestines. They destroy everything in their path, which is why we feel so weakened every time while we are in their effect.

If your doctor prescribed them, there is high chance there are probiotics on your prescription too. Some probiotics can be taken while under treatment with antibiotics, some cannot, because they will be destroyed as well. Antibiotics do their job for the moment, getting rid of that infection for us, but in the long run, they do more harm than good.

We have to replace all the flora that has been lost. We can easily do that with a good probiotic supplement if we know about them. If we are informed about them, then we are lucky. We will regenerate in time part of our flora, but we also need the help of the supplement. This way, we can keep our generation healthy and the next generation as well.

Bottom Line

Probiotics supplements are worth taking for many reasons. Most people take them only when they are in great need, not as a body requirement that needs attention once in awhile. Probiotic supplements can be found in any pharmacy or specialized shop. Some of them are to be put in a refrigerator, but some not (the difference is only that technology has upgraded in the last period, making them more resistant to hot temperatures). On the label of the product is written how many strains of probiotic it should contain. A good probiotic supplement has at least 6 million IU of bacteria. Do not accept to buy some probiotic that has less than that. Check the probiotic provenience. Take care of the counterfeit products that are sold in the entire world. Search for big pharmaceutical companies that sell quality products.

Probiotic supplements are all over the internet, but it is recommended to buy them from a local shop. However, if you choose to buy one online, then only buy one bottle and do not subscribe to their monthly subscription. See if the product fits you and then buy for the next months as well.

Probiotic supplements do not have any side-effects, but you may encounter problems like diarrhea. This inconvenience comes only in the first days of use because the body has not yet settled with the product. It will take the body up to one week to change, but if after maximum one week, diarrhea has not passed, then you should stop using the product and consult a medic.

Take care for the product to be sealed before you buy it. Keep the product in a dry, safe place. It is recommended to buy a probiotic that contains only strains of bacteria and not other ingredients. For children, they can come as milk formulas or lozenges with different flavors, so the little ones will enjoy taking them. Probiotic supplements may come as pills, liquid or powder for adults. Some are to be mixed with an ingredient; some are not.

If you don’t trust probiotic supplements, then you can try the old fashioned way, eating foods that contain probiotics. You can bring those foods into your daily regime because you can find them anywhere. Some of these foods are yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, pickles and anything that is fermented.