Improve Your Overall Health with Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America

Perfect biotics is a probiotic which are considered good bacteria and their main effects are helping with digestive problems like bloating, constipation, improving energy levels, provide immune system support and boosts metabolism. Probiotics America, the company that produces the supplement, says that it contains 15 species of bacteria and 30 billion colony forming units in one single capsule and no additional ingredients. The product is also made considering allergies because it is soy free, lactose-free and gluten-free which mean the risk of developing allergies is minimal.

The manufacturers claim to produce the supplement in Wisconsin, and they are testing them in Utah and then check them again somewhere in Southern California. This might be considered a plus by many people because products which are on the market in the US must be FDA approved and they have a set of very strict rules which do not allow the producing companies to add any ingredients which are potentially harmful or any additives. Products which are not produced in the US might contain harmful ingredients and even more harmful additives.

The bacterial strains included by Perfect Biotics are: nine species of Lactobacillus acidophilus which might help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, plantarum – can help heal injuries, rhamnosus, casei-could help with inflammation, salivarius – protects against cavities and gingivitis, bulgaricus – can help with detoxification, paracasei – can help with skin problems, brevis-can prevent kidney stones, helveticus and five species of Bifidobacterium-lactis can lead to digestive comfort, breve-reduces gas and irritation of the digestive system, bifidium-prevents the growth of candida, longum, infantis-improves the immune system, Streptococcus thermophiles-could help fight respiratory infections.

The packaging of the product is excellent because the capsules ensure that most of the bacteria will end up where it is supposed to and most also it will still be alive and efficient. The product doesn’t have to be refrigerated, and it can be kept at room temperature without the risk of the bacteria dying and losing its properties, the bacteria has a long life span which is critical for probiotic supplements. The dosage is simple, only one capsule a day every day and the price is also pretty attractive.

The capsules are soy free, and as far as allergies are concerned this makes it less likely for them to appear, the capsules are also lactose-free and gluten-free which means the risk of developing an allergy is minimal. No significant side effects were reported but the high numbers of bacteria could cause stomach, abdominal pain or nausea, but not a reason to cause concern and they will pass in a few days.

The product cannot be found in stores, it can only be purchased online, and this is the only way consumers could see the product and the label. The good part is that the company’s website contains a lot of information. Another advantage is that this is not the only product the company sells and this means it wasn’t created to promote this one product, all the goods can be found on the same website unlike other companies that create different websites for different products in case one product is not useful and this way it won’t affect sales for other products. The fact that the company shows all the goods on the same page means that they support their products and they are not afraid their products might fail.

Probiotics are gaining more and more popularity because of the multitude of benefits they have, and they could be a safe treatment for a lot of problems. Probiotics America claims that Perfect Biotics is the most powerful probiotic supplement found on the market, but this is not necessarily true. There are other probiotic supplements on the market which contain more CFU (colony forming units) and even more bacteria strains. The product also has different results from person to person; not everyone can see the same effects and benefits, and some can’t even see any changes after taking probiotic supplements.

Perfect Biotics by Probiotics America is a promising product, and the benefits claimed by the company are many, and also they are very diverse. The product is manufactured in the US, the company has a lot of different products on the market presented on the same website, and they share a lot of information about their products, there are few to none side effects. The product might not be equally efficient on every patient, but those who had results are pleased with them. For all these reasons Perfect Biotics by Probiotics America is a probiotic supplement worth considering but a visit to the doctor or specialist is indicated to make sure it is the right product for your specific problems and that it will not interact with any medication or existent disease.

Lucy Martinez